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The Wedding Day

The Wedding Day

         Your wedding is something you will remember for the rest of your life. It is a time of great celebration and joy with your loved one! Whether it be on top of a mountain, a church in the valley or overlooking the city, we all love sharing our unique story to the friends and family around us! Having a video to remember these moments is the best way to relive this precious memory and share it with the ones closest to you. From taking your vows to the smallest detail shots, your video is captured in stunning 4k Resolution. Future proofing your video so that in years to come, it will still look as beautiful as ever! If your venue allows it, Ariel footage is added in the video which givings a unique perspective. 

Why film?

        Photography captures memories which you can look back on, but filming your wedding allows you to relive each of the moments from your precious day. The investment you make now will last a lifetime and give others the ability to experience it first hand!


The Premium: Starting at $3250

        The premium package includes every part of your wedding, from rehearsal dinner/day to you leaving through the sparklers! I will be capturing every step. Everything from the other packages is included. It will come with a full video and preview. The finished products will come on USB Drive and I will upload the preview to CPCCapture Youtube channel for Easy sharing! 


The Day: $2250

        Arriving before the detail shots, I will scout the venue and figure out the best places to film and get a better flow of the wedding day. I will capture an over shot of the venue, the bridal party and groomsmen getting ready (The Mother putting on the bride's shoe, or the groom putting his boutonniere on), ceremony and the rest of the day! (Songs + licensing can also be added with no extra charge!) If you're doing a first look, this will also be included. The finished products will come on a USB Drive and a preview which you can upload for sharing!


The Ceremony: $1000

        I will arrive two hours before the ceremony to get set up and film the ceremony from two different angles. I will capture everything in stunning 4K with a Premium Microphone to make sure that you will be able to hear every detail! You will receive your wedding ceremony on a USB Drive.



Contact me for more details on each package, traveling or any questions that you have! 

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